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      AmericanTec has been awarded the ‘Most Improved Agent Award’ for Asia Pacific in year 2012 by DEK

      2013/3/29 16:04:53 Browsing volume:2276

      March 5-- 7 2013, held in Shanghai for‘DEK Asia Sales Conference 2013’ , AmericanTec has been awarded the ‘Most Improved Agent Award ‘for Asia Pacific in year 2012 by DEK based on its strong technology and sales revenue breakthrough in the past year and AmericanTec is the only one being awarded  this  among all other DEK distributors.

      DEK was established in 1969 and is the world"s leading provider of screen printing equipment and processes and has made major breakthroughs for diverse industries.  AmericanTec , being one of the first distributors of SMT related equipment in China , started our strategic partnership with DEK since 2011 and received the recognition of DEK by the rapid increase of sales revenue by its comprehensive business and service structure .