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      Universal MMI

      2017/9/11 15:20:23 Browsing volume:2262

      1. It uses the work principle of robot arm workstation to control the insertion process (patented intelligent pressing plug-in effect);

      2. The suction mechanism is separated from the pressing mechanism so as to achieve universality purpose;

      3. It avoids that different insertion heads are customized for different products, and greatly reduces the production cost and time cycle;

      4. It is equipped with 2 sets of alternate linked robot arms and 4 workstations. 4 to 8 insertion heads can simultaneously draw 2 or more same plugins, shortening the feeding time and greatly improving the speed and the production efficiency;

      5. Calibrated current torque mode is adopted for re-pressing plugins during independent lifting of the panel to effectively protect PCB in the process of placement;

      6. It is not required to change the nozzle and clamping jaw to produce different products. It can be used widely and provides high investment benefits;

      7. It is compatible with a variety of feeding modes (vibration bowl, Feeder, tubing and Tray);

      8. Bilateral feeding increases the benefits;

      9. The types of plugins can be extended to hundreds;

      10. 4 sets of camers are adopted for recognition and positioning of components (PCB positioning, pin positioning, and component positioning);

      11. A standard component database can be pre-established offline to realize fast and covenient programming and shorten the programming time when changing products;

      12. Manual operation is replaced with standardized workstation which features flexible allocation and is suitable for various production under small quantity to really achieve convenient and automatic linear production.